FleXor v1.5

Flexor v1.5 Highlights:

FleXor is an extremely powerful set of over 70 brand new & exciting synthesis modules, processors and tools created from completely original algorithms and designs ready to load into your Creamware Modular Synthesizer!.

FleXor v1.5 contains new modules and many new feature upgrades for existing modules. Flexor 1.5 is a free update that also comes with dozens of new patches and presets, utilizing all of the newly developed functions.

  • Extensive enhancements to the Envelope section, with newly-developed modules, more modulating options, and higher DSP efficiency.
  • All resonant Filter modules now include a Resonance modulation input.
  • All Sequencer modules now include a variable Swing function. A new UniPolar option has been added to the Hyper Control Seq module, along with an improved graphical user interface for higher control resolution.
  • A Pattern section has been added to the Displacer module, along with an improved graphical user interface for higher control resolution.
  • Exciting new elastic functionality for modification of control signals. The Elastic Val module applies cool spring-like properties to an incoming control signal. With the Elasticity and Friction functions, a dynamically-variable motion can be applied to signals coming from LFOs and Envelopes. The Elastic X/Y module incorporates Elasticity and Friction on both X and Y axes, obtaining a complex spring-like behavior over two dimensions in one easy-to-use interface.
  • New Ramp Divider tool, which splits the signal of FleXor’s Ramp module into several shorter Ramp cycles, multiplying the initial Ramp frequency according to a user defined factor. The accompanying new Ramp State Indicator shows the step position of any 16-steps sequencer module which is driven by the FleXor Ramp module.
  • The Multi Val module incorporates 8 units of precision constant value generators / value monitors, which can be used as a virtual MIDI control surface.
  • The Hyper ADSR module has been replaced (obsolesced) by more variations (see Hyper AHD Precision, Hyper AHD Smooth, Hyper AHD Smooth mod, Hyper ADSR Precision, Hyper ADSR Precision mod, Hyper ADSR Smooth, Hyper ADSR Smooth mod).

The FleXor V1.5 technology from ADERN brings a new sound dimension, which complements all signal generators and processors available for the CreamWare DSP platform. Boost your creativity to higher levels with these new state-of-the-art sound tools, and enrich your world with music productivity.