FleXor sounds


Flexor Sound Examples:

FleXor DoubleCheby A sine fed to a two cheby shapers modulated with a granular sequencer..
FleXor FleXong Wavetable oscillators sequenced to say flexor, last sound is a vocal filter with flexor MSE envelope sets.
FleXor FullOn A combinatin of shapers and filters controled by several Pattern LFO’s – ever evolving.
FleXor granular live A granular manipulation done live on drums using key triggers for diferent granular effects and a foot pedal to control the pitch.
FleXor hplpf3 Filter sweeps of the new flexor 3 filters – LP3 Rubber and HP8 Razor.
FleXor HPxtreme HP8 Razor – one of the most agressive and steep highpass filters available! watch out for your tweeters!
FleXor Masivo A short preset sweep of Masivo – a patch with 5 Double Square FR oscillators going through a Swiss Multimode Filter.
FleXor MultibandRompler Flexor multiband spliting the audio into three sections which are fed with diferent samples. a very effective synthesis method!
FleXor Mutation An assortment of fx including Granular, and FM.
FleXor pads An assorment of flexor3 subtractive pads.
FleXor Shaper Madness Saw – Tri through the new Squash shaper.
FleXor TB A tb emulation featuring flexor saw and LP3 rubber.
Additive WaveShaping Additive synthesis combined with waveshaping. 2 sine oscs mixed into a Flexor “Squish” module.
Drum Machine 80’s drum machine using FleXors oscillators filters envelopes and sequencers.
FleXong Syllable synth using wavetables and granular sequencer.
Band Drive Bandpass and saturated saw oscillator using Flexor sequencer
Filter FM1 Filter frequency modulation with a sine oscillator 3 octaves higher than the carrier.
Filter FM2 Filter frequency modulation with a sine oscillator 1 octave lower than the carrier
Ridge Sequenced saw oscilator going through ridge filters
Speship Sequence on a Costant frequency oscillator going through a saturated BP-4 Legend with keyfolow at 100%
HyperSweep Detuned Aliasaws sequenced with FleXor’s Sequencers and filtered with a hipass followed by a lowpass.
Trance Beam Comb filters and Karplus Strong resonatorstos create a Spacy trance sequence.
Virtual Percussionist Modeled percution sound combined with algorithmic composition on Flexors Sequencers
WaveShaped BitCrusher Wavehaping bit chrushed oscilators created heavy and robust sounds.
Displacer Loop Drum Loop, Re-grooved with one Displacer (simplest form of displacing).
Displacer Vox Speech displaced with one Displacer (simplest form of displacing).
Filter Fm Aliasaw OSC going through 8pole Butter Filter controlled by envelope and sine OSC at audio rate (2nd half).
Filter Sweep Legend Filter sweep on a creamware saw osc.
Granuloop Drum Loop , treated with a granular patch using 2 displacers and a granular pitcher.
Pitcherloop Drum Loop , real-time granular extreme pitch shifting.
Sine Warp Sine wave going through Warp wave-shaper and modulating its mod input.
Squeeze Sine wave going through 4SinOct into Creamwares x-y cross-fader to Squeeze wave-shaper.
Wavedraw Formant oscillator made with combination of a ramp reshaping to a random form, and synced to a clock oscillator.
WaveDraw2 WaveDraw with realtime wave drawing no filters, hardcore digital.