The Adern Crew

Assaf Dar
Programing and sound design

Assaf is a full time music producer, arranger and cellist. Assaf has produced and arranged and arranged albums for major record companies like Helicon, NMC, Hed Arzi and MCI, working with top notch artists and professionals of the Israeli music industry. Assaf has also Co-Founded – an Israeli music protal, dedicated for the promotion of Israeli musicians. On his spare time he likes to patch modular synthesizers, and work on Adern’s Plug-ins. Assaf is also a member of Orbitone.

Alfonso D’Amora
Architecture and
sound design

Alfonso D’Amora is a composer, musician, producer and sound designer. His recordings have been used since year 1984 in RAI , (Italian national broadcasting company), for radio dramas and has made music for several documentaries, also for National Geographic Channel. He also played live with some famous Italian artists and in happenings like paintings exhibitions, contemporary dance shows and multi-media performances, as guitarist and synthesizer programmer and performer.

Matthew BroadStreet
Graphics and Web Design

Matthew Broadstreet is a full time graphic artist / 3d animator and a part time music producer & dj.  All of the graphics seen here and in our products are the result of feeding Assaf’s work through Matthew’s trained eyes.  showcases some of Matthew’s other graphics work.

Eyal Rav-Niv
Marketing and
sound design of FleXor v1

Eyal Rav-Niv is the chief sound architect for NeoCrafts, and founder of “Music-Shop“. He specializes in sound design, and he is also a gifted musician. Eyal has built and installed over 1,000 music studios for high-end professionals through semi-pros and amateurs. Eyal frequently lectures at various educational institutions, including Tel-Aviv University and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. On his spare time he likes to write music and work on Adern’s Plug-ins.