Grainmiller Highlights:
  • Extraordinary and cutting edge real-time Granular effects: audio signals can be “frozen” in time, beats re-grooved, pitch shifted to the extremes, and music can be scratched & scrambled in time. All parameters are midi controllable with zero latency operation.
  • Built-in Sample Player loads AKAI samples and standard windows Wave files for straightforward and effortless Granular experience with an adjustable loop ending point for on-the-fly length manipulation.
  • Two modulator sections which have extensive modulation sources, all optimized to be use in conjunction with the unique functionality of the selected granular engine. All relevant modulation sources can be synced to the internal or external midi clock.
  • Provides astonishing sounds which are not recommended for the faint hearted; be warned!

GrainMiller is constructed and designed entirely from scratch, built exclusively with FleXor v2 technology made by ADERN. By implementing innovative and purist SCOPE programming approach, each FleXor v2 component is made from only the simplest building blocks such as Buffers, Adders, Dividers, Multipliers, etc. The resulting components (filters, oscillators, etc) are of an original design, each having its own unique and distinctive sound characteristic, without being a replica of any previously existing device.
Available exclusively for your CreamWare DSP platform




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