Sound Design Tools

Flexor v2 Highlights:
  • Modular Granular synthesis tools, producing unbelievable results in real-time: incoming audio signals can be "frozen" in time, beats can be re-grooved, pitch can be extremely shifted and music can be scratched & scrambled in time. A large assortment of Granular synthesis components is incorporated – exploiting the power of modular environment to enable deep exploration into the captivating Granular world.
  • Unparalleled variety of 38 Filter types, incorporating multiple algorithms in each filtering category for timbre diversity and versatility. Included types are Low/Band/High Pass from 6db/ 1-pole to 48db/ 8-pole, Notch, Comb, Vowel, Wah-Wah and All-Pass, as well as several unique filter designs. Most filters are optimized for audio-rate modulation, producing a pronounced musical FM filter effect.
  • Powerful set of new Oscillator types, including none-interpolated versions for absolute accuracy of digitally generated waveforms.
  • Basic Pitch Recognition of monophonic audio signals. Pitched notes are analyzed, producing a corresponding CV messages for Oscillators and other parameters which could benefit from pitch-tracking an audio signal
  • One-of-a-kind Wave Shapers collection with over 30 different types, from fascinating transformation of Oscillators wave shapes to unique distortion effects: WaveDraw enables free mouse drawing of Oscillator wave shapes in real-time, while the Harmonic & Formant categories alter simple Oscillators wave shapes into rich and complex ones. Hard PWM enables PWM on any oscillator wave shapes other than Pulse, and the Saturation category creates clipping from flattering tube-like to warm fuzzes and massive distortions.
  • Sample accurate analog-style Sequencers, producing Note, Gate and Control messages. Sequencer clock can run at true audio-rate speeds.
  • Lightning-fast Envelope types, with accurate gate triggering at true audio-rate speeds.
    The envelopes operate at the highest possible speed, corresponding to the sound card’s sample rate frequency. Functions like Attack and Decay can be as short as one sample unit.
  • In addition to the important sound generators, modulators and processors FleXor V2 offers a wide array of useful and time-saving tools to enhance and simplify the modular sound design experience.

The FleXor V2 technology from ADERN brings a new sound dimension, which complements all signal generators and processors available for the CreamWare DSP platform. Boost your creativity to higher levels with these new state-of-the-art sound tools, and enrich your world with music productivity.