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It’s here!
FleXor v3 is the sequel to the highly successful FleXor!

The groundbreaking add-on pack of modules that takes your Scope Modular system to the next level! Rich and complex oscillators, waveshapers and filters, a mind-expanding range of granular processors, sequencers, modulators and effects unleashes extraordinary new sound design potential. Flexor3 integrated with SonicCore (Creamware) Scope Modular3 is quite simply the most advanced and powerful digital modular system available today.

Over 150 ready to use patches!
Over 250 modules for your Scope Modular!



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Xor is a Variable Wave Synthesizer, capable of magic.

Dark Magic. Xor breaks the tradition of round warm sound with its special “in yer face” attitude. No more nice sounds when Xor is around, make way to a sound Rich with overtones, fat, screaming, dark and pulsating.
Xor has new variable waveform oscillators, a rich saturating filter and a new intuitive modulation system.

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Music Pack

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Adern Music Pack

The Adern Music Pack consists of three exceptionally musical plugins:

• Fat Cat – a fat sounding dynamic saturation compressor.
• Museq – a velvety sounding parametric equalizer.
• Sat – a gentle saturation device for that extra ‘oomph’.

While resembling ordinary processors, these processors have unique algorithms – each processor with its own special “twist”. These plugins are not analog emulations, but rather true digital instruments, that take advantage of processes that are only available in the digital domain.
Adern is proud to present a new type of warmth – Digital warmth.

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Mojo is an ultra dynamic guitar amp.

Mojo has been designed to achieve the most expressive tone in current emulations, have a smooth, elegant, very light crunch and be extremely dynamic and touch responsive. Mojo‘s character is unique, ranging from blazing hot lead guitars, through scooped and crunchy blues sounds, to sensitive and dynamic clean tones. Trust your Mojo!

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KickMe!Too Logo KickMe!Too generates extra punchy bass drums.

With its sample accurate envelopes and rock solid oscillator
this device generates some serious kicks with a great deal
of control. Paired with a simple intuitive interface it is the
perfect solution to get your own kicks out of
your Scope dsp card.

KickMe!Too is powered by FleXor‘s technology,
made only with basic low-level math atoms.

And the best part, its completely free!
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