Modular Synthesis Courses

“Scope Modular Course” is a set of instructional videos, that take the students on a journey of sounds fashion and history, teaching basic and advanced synthesis through the scope modular system.

On the first course classic synthesizers will be studied dissected and reassembled in a modular environment for a full understanding of their inner workings, and an intimate understanding of synthesis methods. This course will be focusing on Subtractive synthesis , FM synthesis, Additive synthesis and simple Hybrid synthesis.

On the second course more advanced modular techniques are taught and various synthesis methods are discussed through the usage of the Sonic Core modular system. Such as wave shaping, Hybrid synthesis, delay effects, wave tables, dynamic effects, formants, vocoder, and crazy modular audio effects.

The package offered contains about 20(!) hours of modular tutoring. Upon registering you will be given access to download the videos.

• Computer
• SonicCore DSP hardware
• Scope Modular III or better (no need for FleXor)
• Internet Connection

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Demo videos:

Please note: The videos are recordings of LIVE lessons. some of these videos are more edited than others and yes my english is not the best. However these lessons contain a HUGE set of knowledge allowing you to jump right into modular synthesis and make sounds.