Xor is a Variable Wave synthesizer. Xor‘s combination of varying waveform oscillators, rich sounding multi-mode filter, diverse pattern LFOs and intuitive modulation routing allows the creation of new and exciting soundscapes revealing the darker, and electric side of Scope – like never before.

Xor is the bad boy on the block, and he’s your friend. Prepare to generate big fearless Sequences, raging mad leads, hefty basses with attitude and pads of eternal darkness with Xor.

Unique sound of FleXor Technology
Two Varying Waveform Oscillators
Two Multi-Pattern LFOs
12 dB Multimode filter with“Fat”mode.
Two Envelopes
Two Modulation Mixers with fast modulation access
Extensive effects section
Unison Mode
Syncs to BPM

Xor is packed with presets and has a fully functional Demo.

Download Xor’s Demo

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Listen To Xor:

• Funky Puff
• Dirty Mind
• Lurking Creature
• Plastiko
• Like there’s no tomorrow
• Tap Dance
• Iced Air
• SawSeq
• Sonic Surprise
• Sorrow Pad
• Compu Seq
• Zipping Saw
• Desert Wind
• Future Folk
• Tonal Alarm
• Tricky Mass
• Schizo Seq
• Estern Myst
• Cosmic Dancer
• OverTone Fun

Xor is constructed and designed entirely from scratch, built exclusively with FleXor technology made by ADERN. By implementing innovative and purist SCOPE programming approach, each FleXor component is made from only the simplest building blocks such as Buffers, Adders, Dividers, Multipliers, etc. The resulting components (filters, oscillators, etc) are of an original design, each having its own unique and distinctive sound characteristic, without being a replica of any previously existing device.
Available exclusively for your Scope DSP platform