FleXor highlights


Displacer – Complex granular processing is here.

The Displacer is a granular processing module, which slices an audio signal into 16 steps, and then plays these steps in different orders. Playing order can be sequenced by any control signal, like LFO, step sequencer and others. Each step has its own fader to adjust its relative playback start position, and a global control adjusts the amount of volume cross-fades between the steps. An additional global control adjusts the relative playback start position of all steps together

The Displacer does its wonders best on constantly changing, non-static signals. It can make music sound backward-like, slowed down, speeded up, time scrambled, formant twisted, cross-flammed and so on. Given the fact that Displacer is part of a modular synthesizer, possibilities such as synchronizing a few Displacer modules in series or parallel can produce jaw-dropping results. Try the Displacer with drum loops, spoken sentences, evolving textures and anything else which suits your taste – it is one dangerously addictive machine …

LP-8 Butter – Fat dripping filter in a digital diet world.

The LP-8 Butter is a deep, powerful and big sounding low-pass filter, which brings authentic analogue qualities to your Modular. This module presents the approach behind our entire filter collection. A lot of work has been done in order to achieve its unique and musical characteristics.

The Cut-Off control produces very smooth and buttery timbre changes, while preserving a loud and clear sense of low frequencies. This eliminates any loss of volume at the bass spectrum, so it is easy to get perfectly satisfying fat bass sounds. The Cut-Off modulation input smoothly handles high-speed audio-rate signals, as it is designed to respond extremely fast.

In conjunction with any of our super-fast Hyper Envelope modules, you will be able to get an incredibly snappy punch response, with rock solid stability and accuracy. Try to modulate the frequency of LP-8 Butter with a Sine Oscillator tuned to high frequency, and then crank-up the Resonance to get some of the cleanly pronounced “Talking Filter” effects ever heard.

The Resonance emphasizes a peak at the frequency cutting point, and it always plays as an organic part of the sound. It never sounds too harsh or “digitally-sharp”, even at extreme positions. The Fat parameter adjusts the internal gain structure, which produces very soft and creamy saturated filter effects.

NBL WaveDraw – Pictures for your ears

The module NBL WaveDraw gives a new twist to the idea of freely shaping or drawing waves. It works best on the output of our NBL Saw Oscillator modules, thus enable you to draw with the mouse any oscillator shape you wish.

Very interesting results can be achieved when using our NBL WaveDraw Assistant module, which outputs two synchronized control signals.

These control signals can modulate the X and Y axis of the NBL WaveDraw, and by adjusting the Offset of the two control signals, a new wave shape will be automatically drawn.

This synchronized method for automatic drawing of wave shapes can make some very interesting oscillator shapes, and it is also effective for various distortion/bit crushing-like audio effects.

The NBL WaveDraw will transform the output of our NBL Saw Oscillator into a biting, raw digital waveform, which in many ways reminds those classic digital wave table synthesizers of the past, with all their charming aliasing and jittering side-effects.

Wave Shapers – Re-sculpt your sound to the cutting edge

FleXor comes fully loaded with more then a dozen of different wave shaper types. Some of them will affect your sound subtly, with excellent results on final mixes, vocal tracks and gentle yet effective harmonic enhancements. Other wave shaper types are more drastic, altering spectrum and signal structure in complex ways which are perfect for oscillator manipulation and various distorting methods.

In its own unique way, each one of the modules Soft Sat, Fat Sat and Warm Sat will perform a different type and degree of saturation. The resulting signal is warmer, more open and fatter, with a natural sounding compression. In extreme settings an analogue-like overdrive effect will occur.

For distortion effects, the modules Valve Distortion and Tape Distortion goes from subtle to intense, each with its own classic sound characters. For harmonic manipulation, the module Warp folds-back the edges of a wave, while the Squeeze module soft-rectifies a signal. These modules drastically alter the harmonic content of a signal, with adjustable shifting of the original harmonics.

The modules 4SinOct and 4TriOct will split the output of sine and triangular oscillator to 4 perfect higher pitch octaves. With these modules it is easy to construct rich multi-layer sounds with very little DSP usage. The module QuadShaper slices a signal to 4 amplitude divisions, to create new oscillator shapes.