FleXor highlights

Flexor v3 

FleXor 3 Oscillator Collection

A diverse range of highly accurate oscillators including:

Free Running (FR) band-limited Oscillators which have internal waveshaping and anti-aliasing providing a huge spectrum of oscillator wave-shapes and modulation effects.
Intentionally aliased Non-Bandwidth Limited (NBL) Oscillators that offer rock-solid sound which is ideal for tasks which need high precision
And custom tools such as implementations of the Karplus-Strong string model, a special fixed-format oscillator and a tool for 'soft sync'.


FleXor 3 Granular Collection

Basic building blocks for granular processing including:

Granular sequencer and Inter Sequencer are able to cut up to 16 different inputs into grains and sequence them into one sound.
Granular Delay is modulated using a granular method. It allows extreme time stretching, as well as audio scrambling and exotic delay effects.

Combine these and the other FleXor granular tools to create mind-blowing complex realtime granular effects!

FleXor 3 Shaper Collection

Shape the waveforms of oscillators and audio signals in real time, with everything from subtle saturation modules to extreme harmonic and formant shapers.

Germanium Drive is a shaper that creates the classic rich, warm and lush overdrive effect.
Cheby 16 generates 16 harmonics from the fundamental frequency for harmonic shaping or is used on any complex audio signal as a wave-shaper..
WaveDraw MK2 shapes any audio signal using the waveshapes you draw on the module's screen. WaveDraw Mk2 can also be used for modifying control signals such as LFOs and envelopes.

FleXor 3 Filter Collection

More than 30 different filter modules offering a wealth of flavors. Some highlights include all-pass based phasers and formant filters, classic low-pass and high-pass filters, wahwahs, comb filters and more.

AP-3 Vowel A is vowel filter with an X-Y vector control that allows smooth cross-fading between 4 vowel types at once and can be switched between High-Pass, Band-Pass, Low-Pass, All-Pass and Band-Reject for making vocal effects on any sound source you wish.
AP-8 Additive blends subtractive synthesis with concepts of additive synthesis to create exotic effects ranging from simple resonators to quasi-comb filters and more.
WA-8 Oohwah is a wah-wah style filter modeled after a classic wah-wah pedal ideally suited to chill-out music when used on guitars.

FleXor 3 Envelope Collection

Fast, precise and complex custom envelopes are available, featuring the ability to incorporate LFO's or any external signal as envelope stages.

Multi Segment Envelopes are not individual envelopes, but rather the building blocks for one modular envelope that can be connected in various ways to create complex envelopes.
Vintage ADSR is a hyper-fast ADSR envelope whose curve is extremely punchy, and optimized for percussive sounds.
Hyper D mod is a hyper-fast envelope is extremely punchy & optimized for percussive sounds, accurate down to a single sample.

FleXor 3 Sequencer Collection

FleXor's sequencing toolset is now even easier to use, and includes all-new sequencing tools. Make larger, more complex sequences of notes and parameters to make your sounds come alive, manipulate ramps with waveshapers and even drive sequences with any audio source.

Hyper Note Sequencer Mk2 is a sequencer module that outputs a 16 step sequence of note values based off of the frequency input and transposed as specified for each step for generating melodic patterns to be used for algorithmic music composition.
Interpolated Control Sequencer Mk2 is a sequencer module with 16 interpolated steps which outputs a sequence of control values that has smooth transitions between the steps for sending smoothly sequenced control values to any parameter that can be modulated.
Ramp MK2 generates an accurate Ramp (saw-up) signal which is similar to the FleXor Aliasaw. Ramp MK2 can also be used as an LFO when combined with FleXor’s NBL Shapers.
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