Phil Highlights:
  • The dual-mode construction and the freely configurable signal routing chain make it easy to implement a wide variety of filtering effect combinations such as rich-sounding formants, vowels, resonators, multi-band sweeps, phasing, flanging, detuning, harmonics manipulations and other frequency domain explorations.
  • Comprehensive distortion sections, each with 16 different clipping circuitries. Able to go from flattering tube & analogue-tape style saturation to fat guitar-like overdrive and fuzz, from dense distortions up to full grit of digital madness. All circuitries are optimized for musical interactivity with the various filter types.
  • Massive set of over 40 FleXor V2 filter types with more than 1,600 filtering circuitry combinations and freely configurable signal routing chain.
  • Two modulator sections with a generous selection of modulation sources. For example the Pattern LFO which has 128 wave shapes including rhythmic grooves at various musical styles. This LFO can operate at audio-rate speed for filter FM effect. Also included are Envelopes which can be triggered via midi or peaks at the audio input, an Elastic X/Y controller which mimics a loosen-spring joystick, and the Capture LFO modulator which lets the user draw LFO wave shapes with the mouse. Relevant modulation sources are sync-able to internal or external midi clock.

Phil is constructed and designed entirely from scratch, built exclusively with FleXor v2 technology made by ADERN. By implementing innovative and purist SCOPE programming approach, each FleXor v2 component is made from only the simplest building blocks such as Buffers, Adders, Dividers, Multipliers, etc. The resulting components (filters, oscillators, etc) are of an original design, each having its own unique and distinctive sound characteristic, without being a replica of any previously existing device.
Available exclusively for your CreamWare DSP platform




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