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Buy Flexor3 complete pack

FleXor 3 199 €

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Xor 99 €

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Moduar Synthesis
Course 159 €

Buy Flexor3 Upgrade pack

Upgrade to FleXor 3

(version 1.5 to version 3)

Only now for 89 € !

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Buy Flexor3 + Xor + Mojo - complete plugin pack

Buy FleXor 3 + Xor + Mojo + Music Pack

(plugin bundle)

399 €
Flexor3 + Xor + Mojo 
Buy Music Pack

Music Pack 149 €

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Buy Mojo

Mojo 79 €

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All Adern Scope related products are available on our Downloads page however products that are not freebies will not work without activation. You can purchase the activation keys here in the shop.

During the order process you will be required to enter your Scope Hardware Serial # (and a valid license key for Flexor1 if you are upgrading Flexor, or the key of FleXor3 if you are getting the Xor+Mojo Bundle). These are NECESSARY to generate your new activation keys, and the order cannot be completed without them. If you own more than one board please make sure you provide the id for the board to which you wish to register Flexor3. Upgrades must be registered to the same board as your Flexor1 license.

Once you complete the ordering process you will receive a confirmation email from ShareIt and then a followup email from us containing your Scope key(s) used to activate your new Adern product or upgrade.

Important Note!: There may be a slight delay in delivery time, since we are now testing a new key generation system with SonicCore. For questions and tracking information please contact us via the online form.

Adern uses ShareIt for processing orders. For Credit Card and Debit Card orders Shareit does not accept E-mail addresses from free e-mail providers such as or If you only have a free e-mail account, please select cash, check or bank transfer as your payment option.

For additional questions please see the Shop FAQ or contact us for Online Support.

Important Note:
All of adern’s products need SonicCore (Creamware) Scope card. FleXor needs a minimum of Scope Modular 2 installed (preferably Modular 3).
FleXor v3 is an addon to the Scope Modular Synthesizer which runs on Scope DSP cards.

  • Our products are not VST plug-ins
  • Our products are not supported under XTC mode
  • Our products are not standalone devices.