Mojo is the new tube amp emulation device by Adern. As expected, The concept of Mojo is a bit different from the usual approach of emulating existing hardware units. As with FleXor, the goal has been to develop a device that expresses an original idea and has its own identity.

Mojo‘s character is unique, yet its sound palette is rich, ranging from blazing hot lead guitars, through soft and crunchy blues sound, to sensitive dynamic clean tones. But as a wise man once said, “talking about music, is like dancing to architecture”. Just give Mojo a “ride” and you will be hooked.

Unique sound of FleXor Technology.
Two channels, clean and crunch.
Six shapes of distortion for the crunch channel.
Flexible channel routing.
Guitar optimized Noise Gate.
10″ or 12″ Speaker emulation.
Independant output for real amps.
MIDI I/Os for full remote control.

Mojo is packed with presets and has a fully functional Demo.

Download Mojo’s Demo

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Listen To Mojo:

• Strat : Crunch
• Strat : Vintage Crunch
• Strat : Britrock
• Strat : Saturation
• Strat : Animal
• Strat : Fuzzblade
• Strat : Fuzz
• Strat : Danger
• Strat : Clean
• Lespaul : Tweed
• Lespaul : Britrock
• Lespaul : Tweed
• Lespaul : Evil
• Lespaul : Clean

Mojo is constructed and designed entirely from scratch, built exclusively with FleXor technology made by ADERN. By implementing innovative and purist SCOPE programming approach, each FleXor component is made from only the simplest building blocks such as Buffers, Adders, Dividers, Multipliers, etc. The resulting components (filters, oscillators, etc) are of an original design, each having its own unique and distinctive sound characteristic, without being a replica of any previously existing device.
Available exclusively for your Scope DSP platform