Music Pack

Adern Music Pack consists of three plugins which are designed to behave in an exceptionally musical manner:

Fat Cat – a fat sounding dynamic saturation compressor.
Museq – a velvety sounding parametric equalizer.
Sat – a gentle saturation device for that extra ‘oomph’.

While resembling ordinary processors, these processors have unique algorithms – each processor with its own special “twist”. These plugins are not analog emulations, but rather true digital instruments, that take advantage of processes that are only available in the digital domain.

Adern is proud to present a new type of warmth – Digital warmth.

Features: • FleXor technology
• High quality and musical sound
• 96kHz compatible
• Can load as insert effect
• Full phase compensation
• Anti-Clip protection
• Xite and XTC compatible.

Music Pack is packed with presets and has a fully functional Demo.

Download the Music Pack demo

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Fat Cat

is a dynamic saturator, which saturates the quiet parts of the sound, to achieve a special warm compression effect. While most compressors reduce the volume of the loud parts, Fat cat increases the volume of the quiet parts while retaining the volume of the loud parts. This effect, altho similar to compression, also changes the character of the sound, giving it more body, and subtly enriching it with low order overtones. It is impossible to clip the signal with Fat Cat, as the saturation protects the compressor from clipping. Fat Cat is excellent with male vocals, bass, drums, synths, and any other warmth craving tracks.


is a musical sounding 5-band parametric EQ with a special filter design for an exceptionally smooth and velvety sound. The device has 3 slopes for each band: 6db for smooth broad processing, 12db for most EQ jobs, and 18db for extreme EQ settings. All bands can be completely removed from the signal allowing to create notch filters from the bands, or lowpass/high-pass from the shelfs. While Muzeq can be used for subtle EQ operations, it can also be used for extreme filtering using the notch capabilities of the filters and the 18db slopes. To avoid the dangers of clipping, and also add some warmth to the signal, a soft clipping mechanism protects the output of the device.


is a saturation module. It gently saturates the incoming signal, boosting the perceived volume and fattening the overall presence of tone. This effect makes it ideal to make a track stick out in the mix without the use of EQ or compression, or to enhance the details of a mix. Sat comes in 3 flavors: Soft, Fat, Warm, and has only one control: saturation amount. While the effect is very subtle, it is a great tool to use after compressors, to get that extra oomph the compressor couldn’t give.

Adern Music Pack is constructed and designed entirely from scratch, built exclusively with FleXor technology made by ADERN. By implementing innovative and purist SCOPE programming approach, each FleXor component is made from only the simplest building blocks such as Buffers, Adders, Dividers, Multipliers, etc. The resulting components (filters, oscillators, etc) are of an original design, each having its own unique and distinctive sound characteristic, without being a replica of any previously existing device.
Available exclusively for your Scope DSP platform